What is an advance health directive?

Medical Paperwork

An advance health directive is a document that helps you make your wishes known for your health care. This is relevant in case you are unable to explain what you want in the future. 

What is the document called?

Like so many other things in health care, there are many names for an advance health directive. Some of the names you may come across include:

  • Advance health directive
  • Advance directive
  • Advance decision
  • Living Will

All of these documents usually refer to the same paperwork. At LifeFolder, we tend to call it an Advance Health Directive. 

Some people also (incorrectly) refer to the document as an advanced directive

What is the document for?

An advance health directive goes into force if you can't make decisions for yourself. This may happen if you are in an accident and you become unconscious. It could also happen if you are unable to make decisions because of mental illness, dementia, or for a few other reasons. 

By making your preferences known in an advance directive, you can ensure that your wishes are known even if you are unable to speak or think clearly. 

How can I create an advance directive?

We have created a chatbot - Emily - that can talk you through the questions connected with making an advance directive. Once you're done, she will generate the necessary legal paperwork for you. Easy!