Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we talking about death? I'm healthy!

Think about car insurance. Most people would agree that the best time to think about the coverage you need is when you have the time and space to do so, and not the second you spot someone ignores a stop sign right in front of you. 

An advance care directive is similar - by thinking about what might happen before it becomes necessary. 

Remember also that part of this process is to talk to your closest friends and family about some very difficult subjects. This can take a bit of time, so getting it done early is a very good idea. 

I told Marie the wrong thing, how can I fix it?

Not to worry!

You can easily edit the answers you gave to Marie after the conversation is finished. Look for the e-mail Marie sends you. It will include a link where you can create an account on the LifeFolder website. Once you do, you can log in and change your answers. 

After you change your answers, press the "preview" button, and it will generate another PDF document for you. 

How can I delete all my data from LifeFolder's servers?

You can do that easily, using Marie!

To delete your data off our servers, go into your conversation with Marie, and ask her "Marie, I would like to delete all my data". Follow the on-screen prompts she gives you to confirm your request, and your data will be automatically deleted.