emily up close

Meet Emily

Emily is LifeFolder's chatbot. She will help you generate the documents you need. 

Let Emily help you create your End-of-Life Plan! 

Dying is the one thing we all have in common. It happens to all of us. When something is 100% certain to happen, you may as well plan for it. 

That is why we created Emily.

Emily is a chat-bot that helps you plan for end of life. She talks you through everything you need to know, and helps you create all the legal documents you need in your state. 

Sound good? Let's get started!


What is in your end of life plan?


Advance Care Directive / Living Will

The first document we help you create is called an Advance Care Directive, Advance Health Care Directive, or a Living Will. These are all the same document. 

Emily will explain the choices you need to make, and will talk you through everything you need to know.  

Health proxies / Medical Power of Attorney

If something happens to you and you are unable to make decisions for yourself, a loved one has to step in and make decisions on your behalf.

This person is your health proxy, and you give them a medical power of attorney. At LifeFolder, we call this person a health proxy to keep things simple. 

Emily will help explain what makes a good health proxy and what you need to think about before you select someone. She will help you create the legal documents to appoint up to 3 health proxies. 



Have the conversation

Creating your legal documents is important, but the most important part of the process is to ensure that your health proxies and your loved ones know what you want.  We are with you every step of the way, with in-depth guides on how to have this conversation. 

Once you've finished talking to Emily, we will even generate a discussion guide, 100% customized to you. The guide will include all the topics you spoke about with Emily, and will help you with suggestions on how to start your conversation.